The Empire

by Apparatus

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Various collaborations and originals. Thoughts on the progress of politics and mankind.


released November 11, 2011

Big credits to Mouthless, Cor Stidak, and sDope for the beats!



all rights reserved


Apparatus Dallas, Texas

I have been sent to this planet as a human organism to facilitate as a conduit a new form of hip hop.


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Track Name: Acme Cover Ups
the government is defunct, like products from acme
its designed to be unable to act practically
woven like a tapestry out of fallacy strategy
to lead you gradually into a state of apathy.
half of its theater, the rest is pagentry.
and behind all that, when you get to reality.
its like archie bunker that shits all in the family
except they fuck each other, like hillbilly daddies
cousins, and anties uncles and grannys
apparatus will embarras you, pull down your panties

I dont like braggin about my salary
the truth will be allusive like what happened in galillee
apparatus took up rapping just to burn off the calories
but now i use it as a knife to cut through the allergies
call in the cavalry to burn down sweat shop factories
cause machines can't use humans as fucking batteries
mad at me, cause i'm not what you happen to be
fuck it, i'm moving on like sundays after saturdays

slappin emcees that can't value any truth
bringin the proof from the four cornered vocal booth

i see lies on the news everyday
cover ups like the murder of jfk
i hate the government and it'll stay that way
until they pay for the way they behave

so fuck george bush, and fuck obama.
they're 2 sides of the same nickle.
2 lumps on this dill pickle.
2 pieces of the pie, 2 words in the riddle.
they're told what to do, they're both stuck in the middle

fuck it, let me keep it real simple

check it out.

pop like a pimple and disregard my ego
lookin at these politicians knowin that they evil
they make all the problems yet they claim to be the hero
but they will never make it like shaq shootin a free throw
Track Name: Snakes and Dragons
dark beings at the top controllin your spirit
mk ultra is devoted to promoting the gimic
call me a cynic, the want you clones
being led to your death like cults of jim jones

lyrical vehicle for truth to individuals
see through the political like its habitual
spit somethin pivotal with deadly chemicals
slap talking heads with the thoughts original

apparatus baby, bending continuums.
force fed simpletons caught in the pendulum
dont know why we havent apprehended them
must be brainwashing in the school curriculum

food is grown in a lab like crack
genetically spliced to give you heart attacks
so take dna samples when children are born
hands off my lettuce, carrots cabbage and corn

factory farm beef full of cancer and rage
a tenth of the population locked in a cage
dont talk much shit just get through the maze
and do a little damage to my nasal passageways

think tanks funded by national supplements
being loaned by banks to the federal government
they are slow and steady acts are subsequent
if you talk they stick you with capital punishment

not talkin shit on american principles
prolly better than chants at bohemian rituals
dont be an imbecile presidents arent biblical
they're all criminals, the shit is visible

your brain must be described as clinical
to live in a reality entirely fictional
the age is digital, facts aren't all mythical
but if half of you listen itll be a miracle

i dont really give a shit what you believe
regimes make interest every moment you breathe
apparatus baby you better buy my cd
or ill give ya mama adult onset diabetes

and they wonder why i say
things in this country shouldn't be this way
i hate corruption and it'll stay that way
down with the banksters and the cia
Track Name: The Letter
to whom it may concern,

your government hates you, thats a fact
and all of the recently legeslated acts
are sicker than yeast infected urinary tracts.
conduce your nerves make your heart contract.
aparat is back, and im more demented
than facist symbolism on the walls of the senate
total control, thats the gameplan
federal databases of biometric face scans

i just don't belong in a society
where we love control,
but we fear the power thats above us all.
let me break it down simply, we're animals
we're the sheep being led blindfolded.
with illuminati lions guarding the watering hole.
the plan is slow but deadly like barnacles

if they didn't use explosive during 911
then what the fuck happened to building 7
if you wonder what they gain from the issue
phone taps paramilitary squads
and microchips in you i just cant begin to
eplain the depths of what we've got ourselves into
they want to kill you off permanently
like chemical sterlization without surgery
secretly leaked into the water supply
close your mouth, cover your ears and your eyes.
that's fear in itself, immortalized.
monkey see monkey do, monkey develop a habit.

signed yours sincerely apparatus.
Track Name: Chemical Warfare
im deadly like that chemical mixture
they inject in the beef that ya wife just fixed ya
cut ya to a sliver with a pair of scissors
make the mic spark like broken light fixtures

i see the truth, no third eye cataract
and I'm destructive like a brand new pollutant
introduced into a habitat
apparatus have at that
and wreak havok with damaging savage raps

your not level, like the balance beams of justice
and i bust muskets at governmental puppets
who disregard the question and deny the subject
and use doublespeak to pacify the public

apparatus bitch, this is chemical warfare
unleash it on the congress and hope there are more there
then when it comes time to vote on a bill
that doesn't include corporate kickbacks sponsored by shills

sink back in delight until my soul hardens
use ceos who got a bailout to work on my garden
modern day slave labor like ig farben
did together with the nazi third riech
ill kill you and make sure your soul never reaches the light
i delight in catastrophe, in the future they'll look back at me
cry and ask me why so many innocent casualities
ill reply mothafucka this is how it hadtabe

im deadly, i spit chemical isotopes
wrapped together in a technomusical kaliedescope
die to vote spit sick jokes pretentiously
slit throats defensively and my heart pumps
fifths of hot venom continuously without a remedy
corrupt toxic power located centrally
so i stay up reading books on advanced chemisty
unleash chemical warfare endlessly
until freedom is guaranteed.
Track Name: Unusual
i'm not an over self righteous emcee
use the mic to fly a kite despite the spitefully
outright idiotic vermin who wanna start a fight with me
grand jurys inditen me, and the trite wack rappas who
would gladly stick a knife in me
im talkin shit delightfully
that could be the liquor, beer, weed, pills or the wine in me
fuck the american blight stripping my rights from me
and all these rap copycats, i call em siamese
stipped down butt naked just to take a domestic flight
it was a trip outside my head and i got in late last night
back from my dreams to the obscene and overextreme
evil gleam in the screen cause it completed its scheme
internet censorship brought to you by the cia and google
collecting data on every slave and calculating how he is useful
dispute the proof because your blind to the truthful

but shiiiiit im unnnnuusuuuaaaall

back on the cypher, losin control
poppin pills and bumpin 25 lighters
ignite a thought to get inside my head
so i grabbed a knife, but then realised
i need a more perculiar and precise device
somethin filled with life
so i can gather my thoughts
eat a bowl of remorse top off with hot sauce
venemous reptiles with fake smiles and sharp claws
wanna rip me off, they thinkin my skin is soft
flip em off, light up a square and thats that
microphone acrobat, got these cats settin traps
cause they get mad my raps shine like buffed hubcaps
and the shit just slaps like the twin towers collapse
it gets stuck in your head like the thought of relapse
like thoughts of suicide after takin prozak
talking heads moving pictures glamor no facts

but im inuuuusuaaall know that

from the fiens and the junkies
to the vaccines grown on the bodies of dead rotten monkeys
pumped up with mercury to be mind numbing
flooding into public schools and third would countries
systematic genocide sterile soft kill methods
police and military used as corporate leverage
i need some weed and a fucking cold beverage
before i divorce this country like 3/4th's of its marriages
save the worst for the last
fly past the fake ass snakes lay awake in the grass
not even the hand of gods fate could save their ass
it's too late destiny has been embedded in slate
in the future we can suture up the ashes of these late great
united states
and it might be unusual
but there's no more fuckin debate.
Track Name: Monks Say It Better
i look at her across the table that we sittin at
i can tell by the look exactly what shes gettin at
little bit of blood run away from the brain
lipstick stained cigarettes hit me with the disdain
ya im feelin lonely i prolly wont get her
tonight or the next night but shit im no quitter
a lizard doesnt slither and a snake doesnt crawl
id follow her to nepal but prolly not to city hall
dont really know current warrant status
but shit id rather stah home play it cool blow some cabbage
maybe take a pill or two have a couple drinks
im not slippin off the edge im mearly on the brink
an arms length, plenty room to breathe
and shes lookin back like she dont know what to believe
baby take it eez, like the limbs in the breeze
the trees always know wassup between the birds and the bees
but tha decisions made, and its been forgiven
from now on theres no more reasons to go on pretendin
or we can keep livin like the missions set in stone
im not prone to change home, shit id rather get stoned

and the dance goes on and on and on
on and on and on, on and on and on
and the dance goes on and on and on
on and on, and on

nicotine goes good with a guillotine sentencing
she likes it all natural doesn't fuck with antihistemines
she likes a toyota doesn't need a limousine
girl lets get it on like ottomans and the byzantines
isralis and the phillistines, us and the phillipines
and get smashed up to smitherines.

Monks say it better.
Track Name: Snakes and Dragons 2
rap is wack lines, and marketing schemes.
american citizens the krispy creme dream team.
apparatus is obscene, and the rest of you
are fuckin worthless like the appendex or spleen
im fuckin mean, and thats a fact.
cold hearted like whiskey pete killin kids in iraq.
and old whiskey pete is just white phosphorous.
wont stop until I rip hip hop out the sarcophagus.
take your pregnant girl, inject her with aids.
abort the fetus, then dig it up from the grave.
reanimate your baby with reverse stigmata.
send it back to your house strapped up like a suicide bomba.
fuck obama, oh shit ya I said it.
I bet ya granny just went into shock betta call up the medic.
all I see is george bush in disguise.
same 3 wars, and he gets the nobel peace prize.
but shit I didn't vote, i dont care for elections.
they're scripted and played out just like 911
bombs planted in the basement and the rest of the buildings.
im comin up through raps floor just to rip out the ceiling.
but you love the feelin of religious embodiment.
being told what to do like a live studio audience.
not considered genious, just common sense.
so dont blame me when you bitches get played like accordians.

I'm tape recordin' the cia terrorist supportin'
cause fake news doesn't tell you whats important.
I'm just reportin the truth, but not accordin'
to the distorted views of new world order conformin'
performin' abortions on whoever uses political extortion.
to slice up a nice portion of a country absorbin'
the natural resources, and any chance of affordin'
a nice peaceful life.. Nobel peace prize awarden'
bitches better get ready for swordsmen.
that will chop their throats, reach down
and painfully rip out the organs.
nasty horsemen that will ride up, and take all their fortune,
kill the demons that bore them, leave em an orphan,
kill the most evil, let the rest be door men.
make em live broke and alone like an exiled mormon.
so fuck all the boring messianic adoring
fuck corporate money hoarding and slave ship boarding
sweat shop labor and ceo bonus rewarding
inject em all with mercury! topped off with chlorine
it's apparatus...